The Magnum Electric Lift for manual 2-speed jack is an easy upgrade, designed to convert your two-speed manual jack into a power jack capable of lifting up to 6,500 lbs. of jack weight at 7" per minute. It comes standard, with a manual crank backup shaft in case of battery failure. Hook and unhook with ease. This lift will work with single or dual landing gear, and can mount on either side of the jack leg. The Magnum Electric is 9-1/2" wide, and installs with basic hand tools. 2-Year complete warranty.

The Magnum Single Speed Electric Lift will easily convert your manual single speed jack into a power lift. Simply bolt the electric motor and gear box to your existing manual jack. The Magnum Single Speed Electric Lift comes complete with everything you need for easy installation. The motor has a built in manual crank override in case of battery failure. The Magnum Single Speed Electric Lift takes the strain out of cranking your trailer with a convenient raise/lower trailer switch.


Making life easier... at the push of a button

At the push of a button the Magnum Lift System® quickly and convientiently raises or lowers your trailer, giving you the freedom to spend more time enjoying your adventure. The Magnum Lift features a 24" stroke cylinder, capable of lifting 12,000 lbs. The adjustable fit bracket system bolts on to virtually any type of trailer. Movement is absorbed by the stable tube-in-tube construction which reduces stress on the cylinder seal. The durable 8" x 10" non-swivel foot stablilizes the trailer, while reducing movement and sinkage on soft ground. The Magnum Lift has a manual overide that can be operated with an electric or cordless drill.

Single Leg Hydraulic 12,000 lbs. Lifting Capacity

Rugged Tube-in-Tube Construction

Powder Coated Silver or Black

2-Year Complete Warranty


Dual Leg Hydraulic

Available with Single or Independent Controls

Powder Coated Silver or Black

2-Year Complete Warranty